UCD Toolkit

User centered Design Toolkit

Welcome to the User centered Design (UCD) Toolkit of Flipside. First of all: this is a work in progress. Due to the size of the project and the limited resources available, this toolkit will start out with many "blank" spaces. Over time, one by one these will be filled. Other parts will change, due to new insights and experiences gathered in time.

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide an overview of all possible activities and their interdependencies, that are part of a User centered Design process. Furthermore each activity will be described in general and in detail. Through the pull-down menu on the right each of the activities in this toolkit can be accessed. Amongst others you will find information about an activity's: Hopefully this toolkit will help you as a professional to better define and perform you user centered design process. I do not claim to be a guru (one Jakob Nielsen should suffice). This toolkit is therefore not the final answer (that would be presumptuous) and if you have any suggestions to improve this toolkit, feel free to send an email to info@flipside-experience.nl.

Finally: this toolkit has its origin in the time Dirk-Jan Hoets worked at the User eXperience centre of Cambridge Technology Partners in the Netherlands. Many thanks therefore, to all the people (too many to mention) that helped kick off this toolkit.